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We have posted these policies and information publicly on our website so that it will be easy for potential customers to understand how we do business. However, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to CONTACT US and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are here to help! The following policies aim to provide fair business practice that protects both Heartridge and our valued customers: METHODS OF PAYMENT: All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD) unless otherwise posted. Canadian customers - we accept Cash, E-Transfers, Certified Cheques, Paypal or Direct Deposits. International/USA Customers - we accept Cash, Certified Cheques, Paypal or Direct Deposits. US/International cheques and direct deposits are subject to a $60.00 CAD deposit fee. PayPal for Canadians and US/International customers is subject to a $25 CAD service charge. Please note: Certified Cheques take 10 business days to clear after receiving. Please consider this delay when arranging transport as the Horse will not be leaving the property until all funds have cleared. No Exceptions. DEPOSIT & PAYMENT PLANS: :         Price Range    Deposit        # of Payments   Amount in each Payment     $1000 - $3000          25% of Purchase Price       2 1/2 of remaining amount after deposit     $3500 - $5500          20% of Purchase Price       3 1/3 of remaining amount after deposit     $6000 - $8500          15% of Purchase Price       4 1/4 of remaining amount after deposit   All deposits are non-refundable. Payments can be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Horses will not be held without a deposit. No Exceptions. BOARD: All boarding fees begin 30 days after purchase if the horse has not been picked up or when no arrangements have been made to have the horse picked up within 30 days of the purchase date/date deposit was placed. Mares that do not have a foal at side will be charged $400/month board. Mares with foal at side that are being purchased without their foal, or vice versa, will not be charged board until the foal is weaned. Mares that are being purchased with their foal are $400/month board. Breedable Stallions (2 yrs old & up) are $500/month board because they need to be kept separate from the herd in their own pens. All other horses are $400/month. If boarding fees have not been paid within 5 days of the Due Date, there will be an additional charge of $50/DAY until paid. All Deposits and Boarding Fees are Non-Refundable. In the event the pending sale horse died unexpectedly, the deposit would be moved to another Heartridge Horse of equal value.   EXTRA COSTS: All extra costs include but not limited to - Coggins Tests, health/veterinarian inspections, requested vaccinations, transportation fees, broker fees, unltrasound, and/or International Health Certificates. These are at the buyers expense and must be paid in full before the Horse leaves the property. All extra costs are not included in the sale price of the horse and are Non-Refundable.   TRANSPORT: All purchasers are responsible to arrange transport for the purchased horse at their expense. If required, we offer the service of coordinating commercial transport for your horse. This means we will find a reputable hauler to transport the Horse you purchased (at your expense) and organize when the horse will be picked up from our property, and dropped off at your property. We charge $30/hr for this service. In order to effectively provide this service we need to be able to keep in contact with you, the buyer, throughout this process. If we cannot get hold of you over the course of 24 hours we will cease and desist any coordination we have started with you. You will then need to either find a hauler on your own time, or contact the hauler we have set up to haul your Horse. ADDITIONAL TRAINING: All of our horses (excluding foals on their dams) for sale can have more ground work training put on them for an additional fee of $30/hour. This excludes foals that have been purchased before weaning as all foals purchased before weaning are sold as halter broke, and have minimal ground work training. We do have access to a trainer who can professionally start horses under saddle for a fee per training session, please inquire. All fees will be due immediately. The Horse will not leave our property until all fees are paid in full or Certified Cheques have cleared.
DEFINITIONS:  Exposed Mares - Mares that have been exposed to a Heartridge Performance Horse Stallion but have not been confirmed in foal and is being showcased or sold as such. Those wishing to purchase an exposed mare are welcome to have a vet of their choosing perform an ultrasound on the mare at their own expense. Confirmed Mares In Foal - Mares that have been confirmed in foal by ultrasound or other traditional means.   Open Mares - Mares that have not been bred. APPOINTMENTS: To better serve you, please CONTACT US to schedule an appointment. When an arrangement has been made to view a horse, pick up a horse, or make a payment, we ask you to be on time. Failure to notify us that you will be late (a few minutes is understandable), or that you are unable to keep the appointment, will result in loosing your spot and having to rebook your appointment with us. We have many clients booking with us and must run a tight schedule to be fair to all. Our gates are LOCKED because we also operate a PRIVATE FULL SERVICE CANINE TRAINING ACADEMY. We have several Service Dogs/Personal Protection Dogs on our property at different levels of training. During Scheduled Training Sessions these dogs are in Working Mode. The gates are kept locked for YOUR safety and that of everyone concerned. Thank you for your understanding and consideration! NOTICE OF RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Everyone who visits our farm and wishes to interact with the horses in the barn, pens or pastures must sign a Liability Release form. If a horse has been purchased from us and is being boarded on our property and the owner wishes to come see it or train it, they must also sign a Liability Release form. No Exceptions. PRIVACY: Heartridge Training Academy Inc. and Heartridge Performance Horses LLC is committed to maintaining the privacy of its visitors. No information collected by this site will be sold, rented, traded or given to any third party organizations. Any information collected will be kept in the strictest confidence. Heartridge will not accept or respond to any  requests for information from any child under the age of 14. Please read COPPA for further details about this new law. All persons under the age of 14 must have permission from their legal guardian before placing name, email address and/or private information anywhere on this website. This site contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of those websites.   COPYRIGHT: Copyright © 1996-2014. All Rights Reserved. Domestic and International copyright and trademark laws protect the entire contents of this website, including the original database and all related graphics, images, texts and materials. Heartridge, Heartridge Performance Horses LLC, HP Horses, HPH and the Heartridge logos are trademarks of Heartridge Training Academy Inc. Unless express permission is given in writing, you may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute in any matter the material on this website including text, graphics, code and/or software. RIGHTS RESERVED: We will always be 100% Honest and Respectful toward you in our sales and business . We expect the same Honesty and Respect in return.   Defamation/Libel/Slander - Definition of: Defamation, Slander & Libel © All About Law, Gibson, 2013. Province of Alberta Defamation Act  © Alberta Queen's Printer, 2013. We will NOT tolerate defamation, libel, or slander either directly to Heartridge staff or second hand defamation of our business character of or to persons involved in or operating our family business: Heartridge Training Academy Inc. and Heartridge Performance Horses LLC. We can and have successfully prosecuted individuals in extreme cases where they refuse to cease and desist. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy regarding this. Please be respectful, thank you. We reserve the right to terminate any and all business, transactions and/or dealings with people who have failed to disclose important information, deviated from signed contracts, and/or exhibited disrespectful conduct or language to any Heartridge employee. We reserve the right to refuse to sell, breed or do business with any person, at any time, for any reason we deem justifiable.
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LIVE COVER STALLION SERVICE - POLICIES:  a) All Booking Fees are non-refundable b) A Copy of the mare’s Registration certificate is required after the execution of the Breeding Contract. c) A signed veterinary exam certificate for mare, and foal if any, stating the mare is in sound breeding condition and has been cultured and confirmed clean of all STI’s and/or diseases, as well as a record of deworming, vaccines and current negative Coggins at least 2 weeks BEFORE the mare arrives on the property. d) Live Foal Guarantee: A live foal shall mean a foal that will stand and nurse without assistance for 48 hours. In the event that the mare does not deliver a live foal during the breeding season, then the mare owner shall be entitled to one additional re-breed to the same stallion subject to the provisions of the signed breeding contract. Owner must notify and provide a signed statement from a veterinarian within 72 hours of the foal’s birth to the stallion owner stating the foal was non-viable to be eligible for the re-breed. Other conditions may apply, please inquire. e) Mares will not be accepted for breeding if they are:                 - Shod                 - Not Halter broke, are difficult to catch or do not lead or tie.                 - Dangerous to the handlers, and/or stallion (eg. bites, kicks, runs over people, strikes, ill-mannered in any way, etc)                 - Carry any STI’s or diseases f) The mare owner agrees that if the mare will not stand to be bred and she is in cycle, the stallion owner may use breeding hobbles or a light sedative in order to breed the mare safely. If the mare still cannot be safely bred, the stallion owner has the right to refuse to breed the mare and there will be no refunds on any monies paid. g) Mare care is as follows:                 - $8/day for Dry mares (mares without a foal at side, outside paddock)                 - $10/ day for Wet mares (mares with a foal at side, outside paddock)                 - $14/ day for specialty care (eg. Stalled & specified turnout, blanketing, daily feeding specifications other than regular hay/hay-alfalfa cubes, watering, etc.) h) Mare owner will be notified if the mare or mare’s foal need veterinary assistance before calling the vet. If the stallion owner cannot reach the mare owner, the stallion owner will use their regular vet. Any & all fees associated with the veterinary call will be added on to the remaining amount owing at pickup.