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Heza Custom Smokeshow aka ‘Slick’ Slick is a 6 year old Smoky Brown Dun Tobiano APHA stallion. He stands at 15.2hh with a compact, robust body and strong legs and feet. Slick is double homozygous for Black and Tobiano. This means that Slick will NEVER produce a red based foal and his foals will ALWAYS have the Tobiano pattern. He cannot produce a solid foal! Slick also carries a Seal Brown agouti gene and a cream gene and he is clear of all genetic diseases commonly found in stock horse breeds, making him a very rare find! Slick lost his left eye as a late weanling/early yearling after poking it on a tree branch and having it surgically removed but this has not restricted him in any way and everyone that meets him is amazed at how sound and confident he is. He has the disposition of a sweet puppy which he passes onto his foals. Slick has a very well rounded pedigree with disciplines such as: Dressage, HUS, Halter, Racing, Heading & Heeling, Roping, and Western and English pleasure. His foals are tough, hardy and intelligent horses that make wonderful All Around equines.
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2009 APHA Stallion 5-Panel n/n
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