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Equine Haulers    Elliott Equine Transport Based out of Southern Alberta Serves Throughout Canada & the States   Twilight Hauling Based out of Central Alberta Serves Throughout Canada & the States   International Horse Transport Ltd. Based out of Bolton, Ontario Serves throughout Canada & the States   Perry Transport Limited Based out of  Pitt Meadows, BC Serves Parts of Canada & the States Provides connection hauls for Overseas Arrivals/Departures   Northern Lights Horse Transport Based out of Hudson's Hope, BC Serves Throughout Canada & the States   Quadriga Horse Transport Based out of Calgary, Alberta Serves Throughout Canada Air Transportation between Canada & Europe   B.W.D Equine Services Ltd. Based out of Uxbridge, Ontario Serves Throughout Canada, & the States Partners with Overseas Horse Services   Overseas Horse Services Based out of Calgary, Alberta Overseas International Air Transportation Provides land hauling between Canada & the States Morrison Horse Transport Andrew Morrison 780-691-2401 He is also an Equi-Health instructor
Equine Genetics    UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory   Animal Genetics Inc.   Animal Genetics Inc. Coat Colour Calculator Calculate a potential foals coat colour & genetics!   Pet DNA Services of Arizona So far the only Lab that has a test for Seal Brown Foal Coat Colour Calculator Includes, Appaloosa PATN-1 & 2 and Seal Brown in calculations!
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This page provides links for Equine Health, Information, Advertising, Registries and Associations and more. These are some of our favourite places to visit if we have questions about something or are looking to purchase or sell a horse. Please use at your own discretion.
Trainers, Massage Therapists & Farriers Brae Bearry Miniatures Fantastic Barefoot Trimming Services!

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