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Friesian & Friesian Sport Horse Mares...

2010 Friesian Sport Horse Mare, homozygous Black, Tobiano, EETt

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2012 Warlander, Friesian x Lusitano, Smoky Black, EECRcr


Treasured Tre Fawn

2010 Friesian Sport Horse Homozygous Black (EE) Tobiano

Imke Von Trippigleben

‘Imke’ 2002 FPS Friesian 2nd Premie 16.1hh

Adelheidis HPH

‘Mya’ 2012 Warlander Friesian x Lusitano Smoky (homozygous) Black (EE)
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Guinevere HPH

2015 Friesian Sport Horse Filly Black/Brown  Homozygous Black No white markings
Pedigree Photos Pedigree Photos 2015 Friesian Sport filly; Black/Brown; Homozygous Black, no white markings

Ysabel Vom Heartridge

2015 Purebred Friesian Filly Black No White Markings
2015 Purebred Friesian filly; no white markings SALE PENDING 2012 Moriesian Mare, homozygous Black, no white markings

I Am Anastasia HPH

‘Anastasia’ 2012 Moriesian Friesian x Morgan Homozygous Black (EE), no white
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