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About Our Family Peggy Habke is a retired Canine Master Trainer, Behaviorist and Expert Witness. She has also delved into Genetics for the Canine and more recently the Equine. Peggy has worked hand in hand with Police Services throughout North America, with a highly decorated background in everything from working with men/women that have left abusive situations, to traveling far and wide to find the right Canine to be matched with the right person!  She has delivered numerous public speeches and classes on the Canine and the psychology of such, as well as interactions, when and if needed referring to a qualified Licensed Practitioner. This is an expert science requiring many years of hands-on experience to develop understanding of the Canine and the Person. The work was exhausting, and after serving Police Services, SAR, Veterans, Victims of Crime, the Canine, working with Therapy dogs in Hospice as well as palliative care wards, Peggy reached out to the Horse in 1984 as a way of helping her release the burdens she carried from over 30 years in this industry. A life-altering accident changed forever Peggy’s ability to communicate freely as she once had, so she turned to the healing power of her beloved Equines and Canines. They were there for her through 25+ procedures and surgeries of reconstruction. When Peggy faced the news in 2012 that she had contracted “life threatening” infection during a bone grafting surgery, it is the greatest, most compassionate medical team in Canada - and her Equine and Canine companions - that she thanks for being with us today! Peggy and her family have very strong belief in the effectiveness of Canine Therapy and Equine Therapy in giving perspective to an injured soul, and YES! To help heal that soul!  Always endeavouring to expand her knowledge, Peggy has recently completed her EAPD (Equine Assisted Personal Development) Coaching Certification.
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We have lived and loved, worked and played, with horses in our family, dating back over a hundred & fifty years! The love was born of necessity first by my grandfathers, and later by my father “James” (now 90 years old) and - like all things in life - we have evolved; as have our horses, and the love and respect we feel for them. We have very strong ties with many wonderful people and friends that are horse lovers. Whether owning one Pleasure Horse, an accomplished Breeder, Marshall Outriders, enjoying the “Gentle Giants” in harness, Combined Driving or Grand PRIX-Dressage, all are Equine Enthusiasts. Many are also members of our large extended family, which spans from coast to coast and continent to continent. Our ties with the horse are very strong, passionate, and fearless. Every horse we have had the pleasure of knowing left an imprint on our hearts and souls. They have taught us incredible values - Aspiration, Honesty, Integrity, Love, Dedication, Loyalty, Grace, Trust, Peace, Hope, Joy, Forgiveness, Strength, Compassion, Accountability, Wonder, Fragility, Acceptance and best of all...the ability to ‘Let Go Of What Burdens Us’ and to be open in heart and mind. We have been blessed through knowing these Wise & Noble Souls.
About Our Horses - An Introduction to the Elite Equine of Heartridge At Heartridge we carefully plan and breed YOUR “Dream Come True” in a majestic equine… and not just any horse either! We have very carefully selected shining examples of Golden Character for all our horses within their breed. This has taken us many, many years and sacrifices along the way, to become honoured with their majestic presence. While all our horses are beautiful, it must be stated: “Beauty is essential, but is still the least of our demands and requirements. In order for an equine to be part of the program at Heartridge Performance Horses, they must possess a ‘Golden Character’ - Willing, Intelligent, Friendly, Adaptable in Nature…   They must also represent Athletic, Responsive, Outgoing, Approachable, Sociable, Welcoming, Conformationally Correct for each respective breed – and be Strong, Sensible and Healthy ambassadors of their forefathers. Our horses must have the proven ability to not only excel in a multitude of areas, but also pass these attributes to their offspring, and their offspring must have the ability to do the same - consistently enhancing our chosen qualities. It is never “just” about Genetics or Breeding… or Pedigree… or Desired Traits… or a “Type”… or a Specific Breed… or a Rare Color! It IS about THE horse that can be anything to you and for you… it’s about mutual respect and trust… it’s about an equine companion that can and will excel in whatever arena you both gravitate towards! Our horses are bred to be suitable for an amateur rider and the experienced horse person alike - Companion, Partner, Western or English Pleasure, Arena Driving (Europe), Combined Driving, Dressage-Pleasure Driving-Carriage, or Greatest Friend!  The Friesian, The Morgan, The Warlander, The Gypsy Vanner, and all of our Heartridge Sport Horses and Performance Horses are a Noble Embodiment of realizing our dreams & yours! It’s all about the deepest commitment to another soul for life… a Balance between Body & Soul!... “Elegance in Motion”
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Jaclyne O’Neill, Peggy’s daughter, has followed in the Family tradition of helping people and animals - in particular the Horse. Jaclyne is currently working with Heartridge Horses on a full time basis, and is a qualified EAPD Coach, which allows her to help people with disabilities of all kinds and welcome them to a positive world of Natural Equine Healing.
Jaclyne’s Grandfather is a World War II veteran, and as such lives with PTSD. He is now 90 years old. His greatest relief is in coming out to the farm to be with all of his family; Son and Daughters, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren, and, of course, all of our horses and dogs!

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